Princes Hill House

Princes Hill Status: Under Construction

On a tight site in Princes Hill this single fronted Victorian needed to be refreshed to make space for a family to grow. An upper level bedroom has been squeezed above new north facing living spaces. The offset gable roof form has been used to ensure minimal impacts on the amenity to the neighbours and allowed heights to be set-out that are sympathetic and consistent with the adjacent building heights. Voids and skylights are used to bring light deep into the plan and to create small but dramatic spaces.

The existing red brick house meant that brick was the obvious choice for the new addition. To contrast with the existing house the lower levels use painted white brick walls recycled from site. The height of the walls has been set out to match the fence height, creating an internal datum line that connects the inside and out. The upper level sits above the fence datum and is expressed in dark charcoal bricks with a patterned hit and miss wall, providing shade to the bedroom and to prevent overlooking to the neighbours.