Myrtle Tree House

Balaclava 2015

The addition to this Californian Bungalow in Balaclava has been carefully positioned to retain 2 existing trees and to catch the northern sunlight. New walls and boundary fences angle and shift in height to stitch into the existing site fabric and to create a series of walled courtyards that blur the boundary between inside and out.

The Crepe Myrtle tree sits within a workshop courtyard and is framed internally by high level windows. The Fig Tree is held by an arched brick wall and sits within a cloister like garden room. A sustainable agenda was important for this project and all bricks have been recycled from demolition and any waste going to landfill has been minimised. New north facing living spaces catch the winter sun and the deep eave provides shade in summer. Internally the ceiling shifts and folds with the roof and wall forms to give the efficiently planned spaces a sense of spaciousness.