Front Extension

Kingsville 2009

This small front extension located along busy Somerville Road is situated between a row of strip shops to the east and a typical residential streetscape extending west.  The simple domestic form and large shop front window mediate between the residential and commercial and begin to explore the potential for different programmatic options in a mixed-use area.

We were interested in exploring how space could be recycled over time as a different approach to sustainability.  The proposition was: how can a new space be functionally neutral and able to fulfil a number of roles over the life of the current family and future residents? 

Although the initial brief called for a small gallery / shop, the built project provides space that can be occupied in a variety of ways:  the shop can extend into the existing bedroom, become a home office or be used as a second living room.  It can be separated or integrated to the existing home as little or much as it’s chosen function requires through the use of sliding walls and separate entries.

Photographer: Nina Jungbeck