Melbourne Now NGV Exhibition

National Gallery Victoria 2013-2014

MAKE were invited to be part of the 'architecture incubator' at the NGV Australia as part of the Melbourne Now Exhibition. One of six Melbourne architecture firms invited to participate, the space titled 'Sampling the City: Architecture in Melbourne Now,' is curated by Fleur Watson is designed to give an insight into studio practice. 

MAKE’s work for 'Sampling the City' responds to two themes, ‘stitching the city’ and ‘materiality and craftsmanship’. With these themes as a starting point multiple built and unbuilt projects have been explored. ‘Stitching the city’ is about the larger scale of the city and suburb and explores the engagement between MAKE’s projects and the local context. Long elevational studies (inspired by Ed Ruscha’s photographic study of the sunset strip) locate the projects within their context and sectional models show the formal engagement at a closer scale.

‘Materiality and craftsmanship’ is explored through 1:5 detailed, texture models that demonstrate the variety of material testing that takes place at MAKE. Pattern and texture are explored through brick, timber and roof tile models, with all ceramics hand made for the installation. The inclusion of the ‘MAKE something’ shelf, invites visitors to the gallery to engage and interact with the actual materials and make their own textures and patterns.

Photographer - Peter Bennetts