Advertisements for Architecture

The advertisement, ‘Time to call an architect’ has taken its cue from a trend of ‘disaster’ ads that encourage the viewer, in a state of desperation to seek help for a range of problems (from weight loss to all their insurance needs). The visual language is a `map of a process that could be…without an architect. It is a catalogue of confusion, of attempting to create the perfect home without the benefit of the big picture. 

Shortlisted Entry Exhibited at Federation Square 

The advertisement is an appeal to the general public to remember the architect when it comes time to design their new home. The focus is on the residential side of practice as this area is where architects are currently used the least.

The trend of DIY, quick fix (ala Backyard Blitz) and design /construct has further removed the architectural profession from residential design. There is feeling that the architect is no longer a necessary part of forming the built environment and is disconnected from the needs of the common person, that architecture is a luxury especially unaffordable during an economic downturn. But architecture is not a luxury. It is a complex process of which the final built outcome is only one part of it. It is process that architects excel at above all others – we are the experts in putting it all together.