100 Houses

Architects for Peace inaugural public forum ‘Intencity’ 2004

City of Yarra Council’s decision discontinue their use of the black recycling bins became the catalyst for the 100 Houses exhibition.

100 people were asked to donate their recycling bin half full with recyclable materials, a plant or cutting from their garden and a story. The result was a one day installation at the Hamer Hall Undercroft in Melbourne as part of Architects for Peace inaugural public forum ‘Intencity’. 

The usually dark and cold space was brought to life with 100 numbered and stacked crates planted with a variety of plants and boasting colourful ‘plant tags’ identifying their place of origin and care instructions – in this case a house somewhere in Melbourne.

The crates were available to the public to take away on the day at no cost - this cross pollination and swapping of stories encouraged the widening of our community and greening of our city.