MAKE is a Melbourne based architectural practice with a strong focus on quality and a passion for good design. Our buildings are designed to respond to the seasons and careful thought is put into how spaces are occupied. Believers in quality not quantity, MAKE look for efficiencies and delight in the design of our buildings and focus on ways that these buildings can make our lives better.


2 Hodgson St, Kew VIC 3101
Phone: 03 98534730


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2017 Intergrain Timber Vision Awards: Residential Exterior: Winner: Amado House

Mel, together with Andre Bonnice (WOWOWA), Ben Milbourne (Bild Architecture), Amy Muir (MUIR Architecture), Adam Pustola (Lyons) and Claire Scorpo dissect the statement: ‘The digital is more influential than the physical in architecture’ at this years' MTalk.



MAKE along with Sibling Nation and Muir Mendes collaborate on an installation with Alisa Andrasek’s BLOOM at RMIT Design Hub.

At MAKE, we see each project as collaboration between us, our clients and builder and all the aspects of the building process are carefully considered. Through this collaborative approach we don’t overlay a prescribed style, instead preferring to let the client brief and context drive the outcomes. A sustainable ethos, responsible social agenda and a site responsive design process are part of every project and even the smallest project presents an opportunity to contribute positively to the fabric of its place.

Rob McIntyre, Associate
2017 Intergrain Timber Vision Awards: Residential Exterior: shortlisted: Amado House
Mel Bright in NZ HOME
Robyn Boyd Open House

Mel spoke about Perimeter House at the Robyn Boyd Foundation, as part of the Open House series of events.

"The investigations that MAKE Architecture are making into the domestic realm are courageous yet incongruously they also seem effortless, comfortable and have the rightness of the tried and tested.  The efforts of this practice to think deeply about habitation are paying off, ably helped by their playful and craft based aesthetic which adds poetry to their science."

- IDEA Awards 2015 jury comment

Melissa Bright, Director
2017 Think Brick Awards: Kevin Borland Masonry: Winner: Perimeter House

Mel spoke alongside Jen Peedom (documentary film director) and Tanya Buchanan (editor of Belle) at the 3rd Perspectives talk.

MAKE is part of the Urban Livability exhibition.

All MAKE staff are involved in architectural education through teaching and this commitment to the education of young architects is an important aspect of the studio. This combination of teaching and practice ensures a fresh and creative approach to design. MAKE projects are published widely and have received numerous awards.

Emily Watson, Associate
2017 Think Brick Awards: Kevin Borland Masonry: shortlisted: House To Catch The Sun
SABE Practice Matters

Mel was invited to speak as part of the School of Architecture and Built Environment Practice Matters lecture series in Newcastle.

The 100 Houses installation is part of RMIT X-field exhibition at Forty Five Downstairs

What others have said:

MAKE “looks opportunistically and thoughtfully at all their architecture projects, no matter how small, with the ambition that they ‘do more‘- offer more - for the client, the neighbourhood and the broader site context.”

“With an ability for making liveable and sustainable spaces, MAKE is at the forefront of domestic architecture in Australia.” Anna Johnson AR profile 2013

2017 Houses Awards: House Alteration and Addition over 200m2: Commendation: Amado House
Double Talk

Mel speaks with John Clements (JCB) at Brickworks Double Talk Speaker Series in Sydney.

Installation / Exhibition: RMIT project space ‘The Birds and the Bees’ – group installation.
Ryan de Winnaar, Senior Project Architect
2017 Houses Awards: House in a Heritage Context: shortlisted: Amado House

Mel and Rosa (Coy Yiontis Architects) spoke about 'Designing a Family Home' at MPavilion, presented by the Robin Boyd Foundation.

MAKE is part of 100 Houses at intentCITY.
Todd de Hoog, Architect
2017 Houses Awards: Sustainability: Shortlisted: Amado House
Amado House in Domain
Contemporary Architects Speaker Series 2015

Mel was a speaker at Contemporary Architects Speaker Series 2015, presented by the ACT Chapter of the Australian Institute of Architects and the National Gallery of Australia.

Pei She Lee, Student
2017 Houses Awards: House in a Heritage Context: shortlisted: Perimeter House
Mel was asked to share her thoughts on what she looks for when hiring an architect, in the new issue of Architectural Review.
Process: Drive

Mel speaks at Process: Drive with Monique Woodward (WOWOWA) and Bonnie Herring (Breathe).

Inveresk Design Forum

Mel speaks at the Inveresk Design Forum, presented by the University of Tasmania and the Institute of Architects.

2017 Houses Awards: House Alteration and Addition under 200m2: shortlisted: Perimeter House
UQ Architecture Lecture Series

Mel speaks at the UQ Architecture Lecture Seriespresented by SLQ's Asia Pacific Design Library and the UQ School of Architecture.

2017 HOUSES Awards: Outdoor: shortlisted: Perimeter House
International Women's Day Breakfast

Mel speaks at the International Women's Day Breakfast, an event by the Victorian Chapter of Australian Institute of Architects.

Maia Close, Architectural Graduate
2017 Houses Awards: House Alteration and Addition under 200m2: shortlisted: House To Catch The Sun
Practice of Architecture Learning Series

Mel speaks at PALS, the Australian Institute of Architects' Practice of Architecture Learning Series.

Annie Suratt, Project Architect
2017 Houses Awards: Sustainability: shortlisted: House To Catch The Sun
Australian Institute of Architects

Mel was an invited panelist at the Australian Institute of Architects members forum. 

2017 Victorian Architecture Awards: Residential Architecture – Houses (Alterations and Additions): Winner: Perimeter House
Melbourne Indesign

Mel is interviewed about MAKE’s stand design for Monier at Melbourne Indesign.

Carter Williamson Architects

Mel talks in Sydney at Carter Williamson Architects.

Mel talks to Architect Victoria about the MAKE approach to landscape and architecture
Melbourne Open House Speaker Series

Mel talks at the Melbourne Open House Speaker Series  about House Reduction and the Little Brick Studio.

The Age lists MAKE architecture in top seven leading practices
Monash University’s Archispiel lecture series

Mel gives a talk at Monash University’s Archispiel lecture series. 

NGV Australia

Mel gives a floor talk at NGV Australia about MAKE’s Melbourne Now installation. 

Australian Institute of Architects

Mel talks at the Australian Institute of Architects Constructive Mentoring event about her career to date. 

Australian Design Review - Mel Bright on winning and judging IDEA Awards
Building small, thinking big

Mel presents MAKE projects: ‘Building small, thinking big’ at Deakin University’s Real Lecture series.

Foundations through EmAGN

Mel speaks at Foundations through EmAGN about what it takes to start your own practice.

National Architecture Awards 2015: Residential Architecture - Houses (Alterations and Additions): National Award: Local House
Process: 'Tour de Architecture'

Mel talks at Process: 'Tour de Architecture' about her career to date and time on the 2013 Dulux Study Tour.

Houses Awards 2015: Outdoor: Commendation: Local House
Royal Institute of British Architects

Mel presents some MAKE projects at Pecha Kucha in London at Royal Institute of British Architects.

New Architects Melbourne

Mel and Shelley speak at New Architects Melbourne.

Mel Bright in Design Place
RRR: The Architects radio show

Mel and Shelley are interviewed on RRR: The Architects radio show.

2015 Victorian Architecture Awards: Residential Architecture - Houses (Alterations and Additions): Local House
Intergrain Timber Vision Awards 2015: Residential Exterior: Commendation: Local House
Myrtle Tree House in Real Living
Westgate Park

Mel presents the Bird Hide project to the public, a pro bono design for Westgate Park.

Local House in Domain
Melbourne Architecture Annual

As part of Melbourne Architecture Annual Mel presents M House at the Our Houses event, alongside Kennedy Nolan at the Design Hub.

Think Brick Awards 2015: Kevin Borland Masonry Award: FinalistLocal House
Australasian Student Congress

Workshop at MAKE - People for the 2015 Australasian Student Architecture Congress

Local House in inside
University of Newcastle

Practice Matters: Mel speaks as part of the School of Architecture and Built Environment (SABE) Practice Matters lecture series

Houses Awards 2015: House Alteration and Addition over 200m2: ShortlistedHouse Rosebank
Local House in Think Brick Awards 2015
Dulux Colour Awards 2015: Single Residential Interior: FinalistLocal House
M House in Ecologik
Victorian Chapter of AIA: Emerging Architect Prize 2014: Mel Bright
Local House in Australian Architecture
BPN Sustainability Awards 2014: Office Fitout: High Commendation: JWT Presentation Space
Domain - Mel Bright on IDEA Awards Jury 2016
BPN Sustainability Awards 2014: Small Commercial: Shortlisted: JWT Presentation Space
Mel Bright in Assemble Papers
Local House in Belle Magazine
Victorian Architecture Awards 2013: Alterations and Additions: Shortlisted: House Reduction
Local House in Mezzanine Magazine
Think Brick Awards 2013: WinnerSet Forward St
Think Brick 2013: Horbury Hunt Residential Award: High Commendation: Little Brick Studio
Local House in Houses
Dulux Study Tour 2013: Mel Bright
Model City in Open Journal
Interior Design Awards 2013: Residential Design: Shortlist: House Reduction
Local House in Architect Victoria 
House Reduction in New Suburban
Houses Awards 2013: Outdoor: High Commendation: Little Brick Studio
M House in Houses
Houses Awards 2012: Sustainability: Winner: House Reduction
Local House in Hauser
Houses Awards 2012: Alteration and Addition over 200m2: High Commendation: House Reduction
BPN Sustainability Awards 2012: Alteration and Extensions: House Reduction
Openhaus: Advertisement for Architecture Competition: Shortlisted: Advertisement for Architecture
Mel featured in House and Garden 
MAKE Architecture one to watch
Local House in Artichoke
Melbourne Now in Architecture Australia
House Reduction in House and Garden
Little Brick Studio in Real Living
Local House in Mezzanine
Make Profile in House and Garden Little Black
House Reduction in Box Magazine
Set Forward Street in Think Brick Awards
M House in Domain
House Reduction in Sanctuary
Local House featured in Domain
Scoop Homes and Art, Scoop Homes and Art 35
House Reduction Scoop Homes and Art
Bird Hide in Architecture Australia
Front Extension in Architect Victoria
Make Profile
Advertisements for Architecture in Architecture Review
Birds and Bees in The New Mix: Culturally Dynamic Architecture